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Innovation at Estes Park Institute

Innovation is a driving force in health care.  Explore what’s on the forefront with the innovators themselves at an Estes Park Institute conference

San Antonio

New Location – Spring 2018

The Estes Park Institute makes its first visit to Texas, April 22-25, at the Hilton Palacio del Rio in historic San Antonio.


Bring your team up to speed with the latest in health care technology

Information technology and other technological innovations in health care hold great promise but also present great challenges.  We address both.


Play a round of golf with your leadership team

At each of our conferences, you'll enjoy access to world-class, tournament-quality courses that are both challenging and rewarding.


Meet our expert Fellows

Take an opportunity to meet our expert Fellows after a session or at Sunday’s reception. They welcome the chance to speak with you personally.

San Francisco

2018-2019 Conference Season Kicks Off in San Francisco

Fall 2018
- A new program will be unveiled at the Estes Park Institute San Francisco, California conference, November 4-7, 2018, at The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco.

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Care Coordination in a "No Discharge" System

Care coordination is in the center of the future of delivery of care, and hospitals will be in the center of providing the organization with care coordination.  


Leave Winter Behind

January 2019 - Escape next winter to the warm Gulf waters and bright Florida sunshine, January 13-16, 2019, at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples. Your team will return to the hospital renewed and ready to tackle tough issues.


Panel Discussion

A discussion among our Fellows explores the intersection of medical advancements and new regulations.

Grand Wailea

Maui's Grand Wailea

The Estes Park Institute returns to Maui February 17-22, 2019.    This fabulous Hawaii retreat is a long-time favorite... the Grand Wailea opens onto Maui's beautiful Wailea Beach.


Stay on top of health care reforms

Health reform experts join legal pioneers for a panel discussion on the latest news and insights straight from the corridors of Capitol Hill.


Discover an Arizona Landmark

Estes Park returns to the Arizona Biltmore March 17-20, 2019. Discover this landmark hotel with its iconic architecture and rich, colorful history.


A day at the beach

Some of our conference locations offer stunning beaches where you'll be beckoned to relax and soak up their pristine beauty.


Join us with your leadership team

Bring your management, board members, and medical staff leaders together for the best in health care education at an upcoming Estes Park Institute conference.